Lash Division offers multiple different nail enhancements to ensure we have something for everyone. We pride ourselves with providing the very best service and beautiful, damage free, long lasting manicures.

Full Colour Gel Manicure on Natural Nails 

Gel Polish is ideal for clients with strong nails that are unlikely to experience breakage. The treatment includes one layer of Base Coat, 2 or 3 coats of colour and completed with either Extreme Shine Top Coat or a Matte Top Coat. This service is finished with nourishing cuticle oil.  Gel Polish lasts between 2 to 4 weeks. Gel Polish will be removed each time before applying a new set.

Builder Gel on Natural Nails

BIAB ( Builder In A Bottle)  is ideal for clients with weaker or damaged nails,  or those who are heavy handed and require something more durable. If you are looking to grow your natural nails long, builder gel will add the strength required to minimus the risk of any breakage. 

This treatment includes 2-4 coats of BIAB (depending on the level of strength/ coverage required, full gel polish colour and either Extreme Shine Top Coat or Matte Top Coat. This service is finished with nourishing cuticle oil.  

Builder Gel Overlays can be backfilled, rather than soaking off every time. This means that the nail regrowth is prepped and fresh BIAB is added between the cuticle and the gel. We only backfill our own work. Backfills must be within 28 days of the initial appointment.

Full Set of Gel Extensions with Colour

Using a full coverage gel tip, the extension applied to the nail using gel to create a strong bond with the natural nail. Using this technique we can safely add length the natural nail. Once the nails are extended to the desired length and shape, a Full colour manicure is then completed. This is completed with either Extreme Shine Topcoat or Matte Topcoat. This service is finished with a nourishing cuticle oil.


This service is suitable for all natural nail types, even the shortest natural nails can be transformed. 

Gel Extensions last 3 - 4 weeks and must be soaked off and removed before a new set can be applied. 

Nail Repair / Rebuild


If you break, chip, or loose a nail....we can fix this! Add this onto your manicure if you have broken a natural nail and don't want to cut all your nails short.  We can add one or more extensions to ensure all nails are symmetrical. 


 Please write in the booking notes how many nails you require repairing and be sure to add on nail art if required. 

Lash Division works with  hand-painted nail art designs from classy, to cute, to bright and crazy, we will try to accommodate. We take pride in our work and we always ensure that you leave the salon with a flawless work of art. If there is something is a design that we are not confident we can complete up to our standards, we will let you know. We have different categories and price ranges for our nail art services, but if you are unsure which nail art service to choose please contact us at info@lashdivision.com for an accurate quote. 

Simple Nail Art 

This service takes 15 - 20 minutes and includes basic nail art for example French, animal print, small daisy flowers and lines and dots. 

Basic Nail Art

This service takes between 20 - 30  minutes and includes designs such as  smoked marble, opal designs, tie dye, abstract, stars, tortoise shell designs, chrome designs or a mix of two Level 1 designs (eg, animal print French). 

Detailed Nail Art


This service takes around 45 mins and includes complex hand painted designs.